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Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi urges Libyans to unify positions and preserve country’s interests

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi Wednesday welcomed the positive interaction among all parties in their efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis.

He also called on the parties, whether in the east or the west of Libya, to “unify their positions to get out of crisis and preserve the interest of the nation over any other consideration”.

President Al-Sissi made the call during a meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with the Speaker of Parliament Aguila Salah, and the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Marshall Khalifa Haftar, in the presence of the chief of the Egyptian intelligence services, Abbas Kamel, according to a statement issued by the Libyan House of Representatives.

The statement reiterated the appeal launched by the Egyptian president to all parties for ‘positive’ commitment toward the resolution of the Libyan crisis emanating from the Berlin Conference under the aegis of the United-Nations and the ‘Cairo Declaration’, leading to presidential and parliamentary elections that “will enable the Libyan people to stabilize, prosper and develop".

During the meeting, Al-Sissi hailed "the efforts and measures taken by Aguila Salah to back the political path and unify the executive and parliamentary institutions in Libya".

Salah expressed his “appreciation for the significant role played by Egypt and President Al-Sissi to guarantee security and stability in Libya, preserve the potentialities of the Libyan people and support the achievement of his will".

The statement of the House of Representatives said that the meeting between Al-Sissi and Salah, as well as Marshall Haftar focused on the “evolution of the situation in Libya at the local and international levels and the efforts made to strengthen the ceasefire and promote the political path under the aegis of the United-Nations to establish security and stability in Libya".

Earlier on Wednesday, the spokesperson for the Egyptian presidency, Ambassador Bassam Rady, said the meeting discussed Libya’s efforts to make the peace process move forward.

He underlined "the developments in Libya and the efforts made by all parties to materialize the ceasefire on the ground".

Egypt, which is one of Marshall Haftar’s allies with the United Arab Emirates and Russia, was accused of partiality, which led to the rejection of the Cairo Declaration, his initiative, to resolve the Libyan crisis.


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