rocket media communications, the Solution to the Challenges of Communication Today: Higher, Faster, Further

VIENNA, Austria, April 16, 2013/PRNewswire/ -- rocket media communications, whose innovative concept is setting new standards in the world of global communications, is the world's first TV communications agency based in Austria.

Day after day, communications experts are confronted by a bewildering variety of communications options and challenged to make the right decisions. Buzzwords such as "cost-cutting", "target-group effectiveness", "increased recognition", "credibility in times of crisis" and, increasingly, "global communication" have become the order of the day. The question of how to meet these high expectations is essential to the business today.

The answer lies with rocket media communications' unique concept. The Austrian TV communications agency develops customized television formats for businesses or business locations and then ensures that these are distributed to almost every television broadcaster in the world.

Infotainment is just one component in this successful recipe. As the name suggests, infotainment is a combination of information and entertainment, which the creative forces at rocket media communications achieve to perfection. Diverse information, strategic messages or customer products are packaged as interesting stories within TV documentaries, short films or news formats. The journalistic workup ensures strong credibility, whilst the link to global economic, cultural and social themes generates international relevance. Michael Grabner, rocket media communications' Managing Director, simply calls it "public relations in moving pictures," adding "without having to pay for expensive advertising."

The trick to effective, value-for-money public relations lies in the refined TV formats being supplied free to around 6,500 TV stations worldwide, which results in massive broadcast rates. A large sales team is responsible for the complex distribution. Although the customer covers the production and distribution costs, the pay-off is a guaranteed global or specifically targeted audience of millions, or even billions, at a comparatively low cost.

Both business and tourism regions, and international companies, have recognised this new advertising format's potential, which has attracted customers such as the Republic of Kazakhstan. The image movies and documentaries produced ahead of the 'Asian Winter Games 2011' in Kazakhstan were shown on a total of 690 TV channels worldwide, including the BBC, euronews, CNN, Eurosport, Asia News International, Russia Today TV, CCTV and Reuters, resulting in 1,600 broadcast hours and 1.4 billion viewers.

Modern TV communications have also proved to be effective in other areas. Important global economic topics were covered in reports from the Kazakh "Astana Economic Forum", attended by 12 Nobel Prize winners. The educational work entitled "The Atom Project" also reached a global audience, whilst billions of people were informed about and inspired by innovative energy, technological and social projects when the annual Energy Globe Awards were broadcast.

The concept also boasts impressive media values, potentially reaching hundreds of million Euros, figures which often remain unmatched with high advertising budgets. 500 hours of TV coverage and a media value of at least 25 million Euros are guaranteed by rocket media communications for every project.

It's hardly surprising that media-output such as this has attracted the attention of international corporations such as Nokia, Siemens and LIC China, who now launch their businesses and products on international television using this new communication method.

rocket media communications guarantees what others cannot even begin to offer: global presence, global attention for multilateral themes, impressive media values at comparatively low costs and credible PR with longevity - in short the perfect concept for anyone who wants to aim higher, faster and further with their communication.

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Michael Grabner
CEO rocket media communications
T: +43-463-287-800-30


Source: rocket media communications

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