Ivorian war victims suspend hunger strike

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Members of the National Federation of Ware Victims of Cote d'Ivoire (FENAVIG-CI) on Tuesday suspended a hunger strike under ways since 18 April at the Cathedral in Plateau, the business area of the Ivorian economic capital before meeting President Laurent Gbagbo Wednesday.
"We are suspending our strike at the request of the president of the Republic who will receive us on Wednesday.
It is only after the encounter that we shall decide whether to end or continue the strike," the federation's chairperson Charles Dosso Rodel told a news conference here Tuesday.
FENAVIG-CI initiated the strike to press the international commission of inquiry "to take into account all the victims of the Ivorian crisis since 19 September 2002 to 25 March 2004".
"We had called for the creation of an international commission of inquiry since the war started.
We don't understand why the international community wants to limit itself to only some of the victims," added Dosso and his fellow hunger strikers, who received moral support from three Ivorian women ministers Tuesday.
These are the ministers of human rights Victorine Wodié, of solidarity Clotilde Ohouochi and the fight against AIDS, Christine Adjobi.
"We have come to see and express our compassion towards the war victims because they are engaging in a very noble cause and there is no need to differentiate the victims.
"Whether they are of 25 March 2004 or 19 September 2002, these victims are faced with the same suffering and all deserve to be considered," said.
The United Nations has created an international commission of inquiry at the request of Ivorian authorities following the bloody incidents between 25-27 March this year in Abidjan.
Its three members Duarté Vera (Cape Verde), Eugène Nindorera (Burundi) and Franca Sciuto (Italy), who started their investigations on 16 April, have already interviewed political authorities and members of the civil society.
The commission's assignment is to elucidate the facts and identify those who allegedly committed atrocities on 25, 26 and 27 March 2004.

20 april 2004 18:50:00

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