Ivorian opposition uncompromising about demands

Abidjan- Côte d'Ivoire (PANA) -- The Ivorian opposition is not about to give up the fight it began when President Laurent Gbagbo dissolved the Independent Elect oral Commission (CEI) and the government last week.
It is sticking to its demand for the resignation of President Gbagbo and the imm ediate re-instatement of the CEI, according to a declaration released on Friday by the Rally of the Houphouأ©tistes for Democracy and Peace (RHDP).
At the end of a meeting on Friday, it called on Ivorians "to mobilize and to opp ose by all means the dictatorship of Laurent Gbagbo".
While restating its attachment to the political agreement of Ouagadougou, the RHDP indicated that its priority remained the organization of the presidential election, because it is convinced that this is the only means to put an end "to poverty in the country.
" The opposition is also demanding the preservation of the provisional electoral list of 5.
3 million voters in addition to the number that would be cle ared after petitions of 1,033,000 are disposed of.
According to the RHDP, this will see the publication of the definite electoral l ist and setting of the date for the first round of the presidential election.
Meanwhile, the political situation remains confused and very tense and observers fear a return to chaos and violence.

20 february 2010 16:16:00

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