Ivorian musician blames politicians over crisis

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The Ivorian population has properly handled the crisis raging in Cote d'Ivoire, which only reflects the failure of our country's politicians," says a musician Frederic Ehui alias Meiway.
"It is the political minority that has definitely failed because this crisis is purely political," the Ivorian pop star stressed in an interview with PANA in Dakar Wednesday.
Meiway's conviction is that Cote d'Ivoire is only surviving thanks to its people, "who have understood that the entire country would have gone ablaze if they had blindly yielded to manipulation by politicians".
Adhering to sound human judgement is the only way the Ivorian society would emerge out of the crisis, said Meiway, who is in Dakar to perform with a galaxy of other top sing stars of African origin.
"It is a chance that we have intelligent people," Meiway boasted before citing conflicts raging elsewhere in Africa, which have not yet been resolved.
"If you ignore what is said in newspapers and on television and you land by plane in Abidjan, the pubs and restaurants (maquis) are always full and people have fun round the clock, which means that there is no problem," he argued, adding that the people are rather at odds with Ivorian politicians.
"We are waiting for them in the general elections of 2005," he warned.
Meanwhile, Meiway said the concept of "Ivority" had suffered From misinterpretation.
"This exists everywhere.
You have Senegality, and I am not talking about the Europeans or Frenchmen, it's racism prevailing there," he hammered.
According to Meiway, it just natural that only nationals of a particular country must be appointed to occupy key posts.
However, he blamed politicians in his country for hijacking of the Ivority concept.
"Politicians have hijacked the affair to twist the knife in the wound and use it as a means of propaganda," he lamented.

03 june 2004 21:37:00

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