Ivorian human rights league calls for probe of war crimes

   Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Cote d'Ivoire Human Rights League has called for a "credible probe" into circumstances surrounding two mass graves discovered recently in rebel-controlled areas.
In a statement issued Tuesday, the league's president, Martin Bleou said the investigation should also cover cases of rape, acts of violence, and kidnappings that were followed by swift executions on both sides under the control of rebels and government troops.
A French military patrol uncovered two mass graves near Vavoua (375 km west of Abidjan) and Bouake (350 km north of Abidjan).
These areas are under the rebels.
To ensure credibility, Bleou said an independent committee must carry out the investigation.
The probe "should on the one hand bring to light circumstances in which victims were subjected to inhuman treatment or died, and on the other hand, name the perpetrators of those acts," the statement said.
    "People responsible for the crimes must be taken to a court of law.
The armed conflict we are faced with since 19 September cannot justify certain behaviours -- war has limits, combatants are bound by certain rules whose violation, as in this case, should brought to justice.

17 december 2002 23:23:00

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