Ivorian court clerks threaten to boycott public hearings

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Ivorian court clerks have threatened to boycott the forthcoming public hearings in the country unless their status improves, the chairman of the National Union of Ivorian Clerks (UNAG-CI), Roger Dakouri, warned Tuesday.
Dakouri addressed a news conference in Abidjan Monday to "draw the attention of leaders on a certain number of concerns".
"We want a particular status.
People have the tendency to consider us as subalterns of magistrates.
Things should change," Dakouri notes.
Since 1994, court clerks have been asking the government to define their status.
"We have the same constraints as magistrates and we constitute, like them, an important link of the country's judiciary.
Therefore, we should not underrate ourselves", Dakouri added.
Public hearings are to start 25 Sept.
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18 september 2007 16:46:00

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