Iranian President preaches Muslim unity, solidarity

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) -- Visiting Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, made a strong call here Friday for unity and solidarity among Muslims, saying that Islam abhorred division among its adherents.
Addressing Muslims that gathered for Friday prayers at the Banjul main Mosque, he said the Islamic faith cherished unity, peace and solidarity, while "against all negativities such as division and poverty.
" Ahmadi-Nejad therefore advised Muslims to follow the faith as commanded by Allah (God) and his prophet, Muhammed.
He said some of the so-called powerful political actors of the world had no regard for Islam.
Such "powerful" actors, according to him, would sooner or later "fall, and the power of Islam will prevail.
" The Iranian leader said anyone who does not believe in (Allah) God, no matter the power such a person wielded, would certainly "fall because all-powers are derived from God.
" He urged Gambians to stick to their Islamic faith and culture.
Ahmadi-Nejad said his visit to the Gambia was on President Yahya Jammeh's invitation and thanked the Gambian leader, the Imam of Banjul Central Mosque, Alhaji Cherno Kah, and all Gambians for according him a good reception.
He also pledged his support to Gambia's development process.
The Iranian leader shook hands with many Gambian Muslims including children, with many bystanders repeatedly shouting "Allahu Akbarr!" (God is great) as he left the Mosque and walked to his car amid tight security.

30 june 2006 18:39:00

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