Intellectuals from Diaspora discuss Africa's development

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- Some 100 intellectuals from the African Diaspora are currently meeting in Ouidah, a former slave trading post located just outside Cotonou to discuss how the Diaspora could contribute to Africa's development.
Initiated by the Institute of Development and endogenous Exchanges (IDEE), the five-day meeting is aimed at bringing Africans from the Diaspora, who represent an important human resource, to crystallise what they can do for their continent of origin.
Delegates from America, Europe and Asia are taking part in the meeting, which is part of IDEE biannual activities on sensitive issues pertaining to Africa's current affairs.
Participants are discussing the typology of the Diaspora, the contribution of the scientific, economic, financial, sports, cultural, and religious Diaspora, the appropriation of exogenous technologies, and the mastery of entrepreneurial spirit.

26 april 2003 19:40:00

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