Innovations For 34th OAU Summit

OUAGADOUGOU- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- The government of Burkinabe President Blaise Compaore, whose country will host from 8-10 June the 34th OAU summit, promises to "positively transform" the proceedings of the conference by giving African leaders the opportunity to carry out "thorough discussions on essential issues.
" According to officials, the "essential issues" fall under two major themes -- "peace, security and stability on the continent" and "cooperation and economic integration.
" This approach should avoid "lengthy repetitive sessions" during which "the same speeches gloss over the same issues without the participants having time to bring about genuine changes or significant progress.
" The officials said Sunday that the discussion of the first theme will enable leaders to exchange views on crucial issues such as "respect for human rights, conflict management, good governance and democratisation.
" The second theme will enable them to "discuss more thoroughly on African integration in vital sectors such as transport and new communication technologies.
" These innovations will strengthen those carried out at the 32nd and 33rd summits held in Yaounde and Harare respectively.
It was in Cameroon that the OAU introduced these changes "so as to better meet the needs of new generations," Thus, in July 1996 in Yaounde, at the initiative of Senegal and the host country, the summit of first ladies was inaugurated and has since been held on the fringe of the summit.
It was also in Cameroon that the committee of ambassadors accredited to Addis Ababa was established.
The committee will meet from Monday in Ouagadougou to prepare the sessions.
Likewise, it was during that 32nd summit that the first forum of the Federation of Pan African Associations and Societies was held.
The forum ended its second conference Sunday in Ouagadougou, after that held in 1996.
The Harare summit was marked by the simultaneous holding of the first annual session of the African Economic Community.
The community will hold its second annual summit in Ouagadougou.
The Ouagadougou summit has also been designed as a major cultural even which will turn the Burkinabe capital into a meeting point for the best known artists of the sub-region and the continent.
According to Desire Ouedraogo, chairman of the organising committee, a show will be held at the Ouagadougou municipal stadium 5 June, featuring Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour, Mali's Amy Koita, Congolese Koffi Olomide, Ivorian Aicha Kone and Burkinabe Georges Ouedraogo.
The Burkina Ballet Company will be on stage on 8 June for a gala dinner.
Three podiums and popular theatre performances are scheduled on the main streets of the Burkinabe capital, in order to involve all the population in this week of African reunion.
Permanent exhibitions will be held at the International Art Show on new information technologies, in partnership with the OAU.
Fine artists, Burkinabe women entrepreneurs and the Association of African Architects will also exhibit their works and products.

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