Industrial accidents on the decline in Niger

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Eleven people died in 361 recorded industrial accidents in Niger in 1999, according to figures from the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) quoted by the local press.
However, the trend over the past ten years showed a decrease in the number of accidents, which CNSS explained on a drop in activity on the production chain, but more especially efforts at preventing industrial hazards.
Thus, the average figure from 1990 to 1999 was estimated at 576 industrial accidents, causing 14 deaths and 304 work breaks.
The extraction industry - mining and quarries - was the most hazardous sector with 50 per cent of industrial accidents recorded every year in Niger.
According to the CNSS the extraction industry in 1999 reported 89 industrial accidents (52.
35 percent of the total) as against 26 accidents in the manufacturing industry (7.
1 percent), 22 in public administration (5.
4 percent), 5 percent in building and construction, 4.
1 percent in the energy sector.
The CNSS added that Arlit, 1,000 km north of Niamey, was the city most affected by industrial accidents with 173 cases, (48 percent) due to the presence of the two major uranium mining companies in the city.
Niamey came second with 33.
5 percent, followed by Agadez, 900 km to the north (8.
6 percent) and Zinder, 850 km to the east, with 2.
5 per cent.

24 june 2001 17:40:00

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