Impact of African conflicts on women worries SWAA

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- The Society for Women and Aids in Africa (SWAA International) in a declaration issued Sunday on the fringes of the African Union (AU) summit in Accra, Ghana, expressed deep concern about the consequences of conflicts on women and children in Africa.
Therefore, SWAA called on African leaders to respect democratic principles and accelerate efforts to settle conflicts in Africa.
Indeed, SWAA notes that conflicts and wars fuel the spread of AIDS and women, girls and children are the main victims of violence, rapes and other sexual abuses during armed conflicts on the continent, thus greatly increasing the risk of HIV/AIDS infections.
To reduce these risks, SWAA urged African heads of state and government and the international community to provide available human and financial resources in refugee camps to ensure protection of human rights, "including sexual and reproduction rights, access to healthcare, education and movement of civil society organisations".
SWAA is further appealing to African leaders to ensure the prosecution perpetrators of crimes specifically linked to gender or sexual violence in these conflict areas".
However, the organisation notes that these actions must be supported by a greater availability of resources for HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Africa to "avoid social and economic instability that can trigger new conflicts".
SWAA is a pan-African organisation fighting for the mitigation the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and children.

02 juillet 2007 10:05:00

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