IOF to ask for Compaoré’s intervention in Togo crisis

Lomé- Togo (PANA) -- The general secretary of the International Francophone Organization (OIF), Abdou Diouf, on Monday expressed his intention to appeal to Burkina Faso's president Blaise Compaoré to intervene in the political crisis in Togo.
Mr Diouf, who ends his three-day visit to the country on Monday, made the announcement after separate talks with Togolese authorities and leaders of the m ain opposition parties.
“I will get in touch with (President) Blaise Compaoré so that he becomes a facil itator again (in Togo’s political crisis),” said Mr Diouf who stressed the work o f the Burkinabe president that led to the signing of the overall political agree m ent in 2006 and general election in 2007.
The chairman of Francophonie said he noted in all stakeholders “the willingness to hold peaceful, free and fair elections” and that OIF, “concerned about helping Togo remove the remaining difficulties, will work for a consensus before polls”.
Mr Diouf reiterated that OIF is prepared to offer technical and political suppor t to Togo for the 2010 presidential election.
In addition to his role as mediator in the dialogue between Togolese groups in August 2006 in the Burkinabe capital, Ouagadougou, he also played the role of me diator in the Ivorian crisis by bringing together President Laurent Gbagbo and t h e leader of the former rebel New Forces, Guillaume Soro, which led to the signin g of a peace agreement on 4 March 2007.

22 Junho 2009 22:00:00

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