Zimbabwe tightens airport security after US attacks

Harara- Zimbabwe (PANA) -- Zimbabwe aviation officials said Saturday they had tightened airport security throughout the country following last week's deadly attacks in the US which left hundreds dead and thousands missing.
Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) chief executive, Karikoga Kaseke, said surveillance at local airports had been increased, and airlines had been ordered to switch from using metal to plastic cutlery as part of the new security measures.
"We have put in place stringent measures aimed at tightening security to ensure the safety of users of air transport and restore confidence in the travelling public, which is now a major pre-occupation of all stakeholders in the tourism industry," he said.
"We have also put stringent access control measures for the safety of all airline users.
Travellers should not be surprised if they are stopped from entering certain places, including public areas," he added.
Kaseke said CAAZ had also banned travellers from carrying knives of any kind aboard aircraft, and random physical checks at airports had been introduced.
More than 6,000 people are still missing in New York and Washington DC 11 days after terrorists hijacked four commercial airlines and rammed three of them into office blocks on 11 September.
The fourth plane crashed in rural Pennsylvania.
The incidents sparked a world wide security review of aviation services and installations.

22 september 2001 14:31:00

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