Zambia: Zambia increases gender parity in councils

Lusaka, Zambia (PANA) -  Zambia's Local Government Service Commission (LGSC) said Monday it has made a deliberate policy to balance the gender proportion in decision making positions in local authorities in line with the Southern African Development Community (SADC)  protocol on gender.

"We are trying to place more female principal officers to head councils countrywide. When we were just appointed in 2012, we found only three principal officers heading councils, currently we have 17,”  Commissioner Margaret Kaphiya said.

"We are working towards the 50 per cent gender representation in decision making positions. We are giving equal opportunities to all and we are placing professionals in their correct positions.”

According to Kaphiya,  in 2012 there were 73 districts, but to date there are 17 female principal officers in 103 districts representing a 10 per cent increase from only four per cent in 2012.

She explained that in trying to bring gender parity, the LGSC has also started placing professionals in respective positions in local authorities.

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