Zambia: Zambia assures UN of its contribution to UN peacekeeping missions

Lusaka, Zambia (PANA) - Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Paul Mihova has assured the United Nations of Zambia’s continued contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security, and deployment of personnel to UN Peace keeping missions.

Lt. Gen. Mihova, who is leading a delegation of  Zambia Army and Zambia Air Force (ZAF), is in New York to meet with senior United Nations officials about peacekeeping and other security matters in the world.

According to a statement issued Friday by the Zambian Mission to the UN in New York, Lt. Gen. Mihova said Zambia attaches great importance to the maintenance of international peace and security.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous and UN Under-Secretary-General for Field Support Atul Khare commended Zambia for its peacekeeping operations in Central Africa Republic and other countries under the UN mandate.

“My delegation takes great cognizance of the stronger and more strategic relationship with regional actors such as the African Union which are building stones to greater and wider peace in the world,” Mihova staid at the meeting with Ladsous.  

“We take note that United Nations peace support operations are not meant to combat terrorism. However, the positive efforts of United Nations denies the terrorists negative forces safe havens. This on its own exposes UN personnel to security threats such as the Lord's Resistance Army that poses serious security threat on Zambian battalion deployed in sector east of the Central African Republic.”

The Army Commander said the impact that the United Nations mandated actions may have in environments where terrorist groups operate, creates collective pressure to bear by parties to the conflict and UN personnel.

“It is for this reason that my delegation is of the view of requesting for renegotiation for the upwards adjustment and contingent owned equipment claims (reimbursement),”  Mihova said.

Ladsous commended Mihova for reassuring him of Zambia’s continued contribution to peacekeeping operations. He also expressed gratitude to Zambia for its availability to help maintain international peace and security, especially in Africa.
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