Zambia: President Lungu calls for practical action torid Africa of conflict situations

Lusaka, Zambia (PANA) – Zambian President Edgar Lungu has said it is critical and urgent that the willingness expressed by African leaders to do away with conflict situations is transformed into practical actions, both at the national and continental level.

Speaking Monday in Lusaka at the beginning of the African Union Peace and Security Council Retreat on practical steps to silence the guns in Africa by 2020, Lungu urged the meeting to set the tone for a more proactive plan of action towards eliminating conflicts and silencing the guns on the continent.

“There are fundamental concerns that we need to address around this topic, which if left unabated can continue to have far-reaching consequences for the wellbeing of our people,” he stated.

“As we all know, the growing availability of small arms in post-conflict situations has been and still remains a major factor in the rapid upsurge in the number of conflicts.”  

Silencing the guns and creating a war-free continent for peace and sustainable development is a call to Africa leaders and their greatest preoccupation today.

President Lungu appealed to the meeting to look at tangible ways in which to ensure that African governments ratify the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (2007) which has only been ratified by 24 countries.

The Charter aims at strengthening democracy and good governance on the continent and is intended among other things, to end unconstitutional change of governments, which, as Lungu noted, is one of the principal causes of insecurity, instability and violent conflict in Africa.

He proposed the establishment of a permanent representative sub-committee on democracy, elections, governance and human rights, explaining that such an organ would be responsible for monitoring all related activities and reporting regularly at each AU summit.

“This, i believe, would provide a platform for early identification and the application of pre-emptive measures where there is default with the growing radicalisation and violent religious extremism. We need to come up with strategies to promote religious tolerance. This will ensure collaboration and strengthening of counter-terrorism measures to curb this vice.”

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