Youth summit links unemployment to racism

Johannesburg- South Africa (PANA) -- South Africa's National Youth Summit Against Racism has linked rising unemployment to racism and urged companies that benefited from apartheid to sponsor training programmes for previously disadvantaged youths.
The summit, which ended at the weekend, was called to prepare for a youth voice at the upcoming World Conference against Racism.
Youth delegates from around the country converged on the Kopanong Conference Centre in Benoni for the summit, which was convened by the South African Youth Council.
The conference urged the government to speed up the improvement of the public education system through resources allocation.
It also picked up the controversy around US threats to boycott the Durban World Conference against Racism (WCAR), over wording on the agenda, which equates Zionism with racism.
Together with the UK, the US is also opposed to suggestions that reparations for slavery be included on the agenda.
The youths called on the international community to stay focused on the Durban conference and not be distracted by "superpowers threatening to boycott the conference".
South African youths will join their counterparts from the rest of Africa at the African Youth Summit and the International Youth Summit a few days ahead of WCAR.
Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said Sunday that the South African government remained "hopeful" that contentious issues around the WCAR agenda would be resolved amicably and that the US and the UK would attend the summit.

05 august 2001 12:08:00

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