Yemeni leader sees Kadhafi playing key role in Darfur

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Salah acknowledged the role Libyan leader Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi stands to play in efforts at resolving the crisis in Sudan's troubled western region of Darfur.
In a telephone conversation with Kadhafi, the Yemeni leader affirmed support for any move by his Libyan counterpart to help find a solution to the conflict, according to the Libyan News Agency (JANA).
The two men also discussed international issues of common interest, JANA said.
Meanwhile, Sudan's President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir has reiterated an appeal for the Libyan leader to personally intervene in the search for solutions to the Darfur crisis.
Al Bashir urged Kadhafi to spearhead efforts by the African Union (AU), given his political and moral reputation and the esteem he enjoys among African leaders.
The appeal from Khartoum was contained in a message delivered here last Monday by Sudanese Foreign Minister Othman Ismael.
In the message, President Al Bashir hailed Tripoli's objection to any foreign intervention in African affairs, and its wish to see the AU steer the resolution of conflicts in the continent.

18 august 2004 19:47:00

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