Yellow fever vaccination campaign 'going smoothly' in Darfur despite deaths

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - The World Health Organization on Sunday said a 12-day vaccination against the deadly yellow fever outbreak in Darfur has been going on smoothly though the death toll among victims has risen to 127 cases.

A report sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Sudanese Ministry for Health said on Sunday that after the second day of a 12-day vaccination campaign, 13% of the targeted population in Geneina, Kerinik, Habila and Beidha in West Darfur localities were vaccinated against the disease.

Experts said the only means to stave off the spread of the disease is through preventive measures including vaccination, spraying of the insects and use of mosquito nets.

The report said as of 21 November, the total number of reported cases had reached 537, including 127 deaths - case fatality rate of 23.6%. It said the outbreak had now affected 30 localities in Central, South, West, North and East Darfur.

The report said: "The US Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 (NAMRU-3) based in Cairo, Egypt has deployed a team to Sudan to support laboratory analysis of collected samples as well as conduct on-job training sessions at the National Public Health Laboratory starting on Saturday 24 November 2012."

The report indicated that 30 localities, out of 57, in Darfur were now affected by the yellow fever outbreak. Of the total cases, the report explained, about 62.7% were from Central Darfur, 8.5% were from South Darfur, 19.3% were from West Darfur and 8.8% were from North Darfur.

It specified that 1.5% of the reported cases were in the age group 0.1.9 years; 2% in the age group 2-4.9; 22.8% in the age group 5-14.9; 48.1% in the age 15-29.9 and 16.3% are 30-44.9 years and 6.3% are in the age group of 45 years and above.
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