World court of women against racism to be held in Durban

Lusaka- Zambia (PANA) -- In a move to focus on the multiplicity of violence against women, the World Court of Women Against Racism would convene in Durban side-by-side with the forthcoming World conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.
In a statement, the International Coordinator of the Court of Women, Corinne Kumar said the court would hear testimonies on the violence of colonialism, cultural genocide, on militarization and nuclearization and on contemporary forms of racism.
"We will listen too, to voices of resistance of women who still dare to dream.
The courts of Women invite us to write another history, a women's history, a history of peoples from the margins, a history of the global south, recognising that our knowledge has been hidden, even silenced," Kumar said.
The court, which was organised by the Asian Women's Human Rights Council and El Taller International, will be held 30 August during the NGO forum.
So far, 14 Courts of women have been held, including two, which were held in Africa, seven in Asia, with over 4,000 women and men participating in the Court and the events concerning it.
The Court has heard testimonies from women on the violence of war, war as armed conflict but "also understanding war as poverty, war as racism, war against cultures and civilisations," Kumar said.

18 august 2001 16:11:00

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