World Bank to grant Benin NGOs 120 million FCFA

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- Benin and the World Bank have signed a financial agreement for the disbursement of 120 million francs CFA (1 US dollar = 750 FCFA) destined for HIV/AIDS NGOs working in rural areas.
Confirming the move Saturday, sources at Benin's National HIV/AIDS Control Programme said the money would enable NGOs train assistants in charge of sensitising and educating rural communities on HIV/AIDS prevention.
Benin's rural areas are the most affected by HIV/AIDS, with a prevalence rate of 8 percent in the central region and 13 percent in the south-west at the border with Togo.
Some 50 people are infected with HIV everyday, Benin health authorities say.
They warn that the current prevalence rate of 4 per cent could reach 10 per cent, possibly 20 percent, in 2025 if the pandemic is not brought under control.

24 Junho 2001 15:16:00

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