World Bank funded AIDS project targets transport sector

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- A yearlong programme to control sexually-transmitted diseases has been launched in Benin's transport sector with support from the World Bank.
The project, launched in Cotonou Thursday by the Executive director of the Benin Development Association, Christian Martins, seeks to train peer educators among workers at various levels of the ministry of public works and transport.
Under this scheme, awareness campaigns would be organised for other workers in companies and offices falling under the said ministry, lorry drivers, occasional sexual partners, owners and users of driving schools, port works as well as mobile clearing and forwarding agents.
According to Martins, the harsh realities of STD and HIV/AIDS call for collective discipline to bring about behavioural change within the target groups.
Martins was addressing a three-day AIDS awareness session attended by various actors in the transport sector.
The participants will be briefed on the role of peer educators, STDs and their prevention as well as the pandemic's social and economic consequences.
Benin's National AIDS Control Programme estimates HIV prevalence rates at between 0.
3 and 0.
8 percent in schools of certain districts.
The most affected regions are Zou in central Benin (8 percent) and Mono in the country's Southwest (13 percent).
The health ministry estimates the general HIV prevalence rate at 4 percent while 50 people are affected with HIV each day.

31 august 2001 22:16:00

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