World AIDS Day: More men are HIV/AIDS positive in Cape-Verde

Praia- Cape-Verde (PANA) -- The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Cape- Verde is higher among men (1.
1%) than women (0.
4%), as compared to the usual trend of the pandemic's evolution on the African continent where more women are infected, the coordinating committee for AIDS control (CCAC) in Cape Verde told PANA on Tuesday.
It said the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Cape-Verde was stable under 1%, adding that 404 people were currently on anti-retroviral medication and 1,050 people were being monitored by local health structures.
The coordinator of the CCAC, Josأ© Antonio dos Reis, said more than 1,000 people who were infected with HIV/AIDS and had no access to anti-retroviral treatment can at any time be enrolled for the medication.
He said being infected by HIV/AIDS did not mean that one can automatically gain access to anti-retroviral treatment because one has to have a certain viral load in the body.
According to the statistics of the CCAC, at 31 December, 2007, there were a total of 2, 298 known cases, a stable figure since the first study of the HIV/AIDS population in 2005 which indicated a prevalence rate of under 1%.
In terms of HIV control, dos Reis said he was satisfied with the behaviour of the institutions, town councils, schools and youth centres, which mobilized resources to develop activities commemorating World AIDS Day.
"This is proof that people are now conscious of the problem," he stressed.
The first HIV case in Cape Verde was detected in 1986.
Since 2004, several affected people, including children have started receiving free anti-retroviral medication.

01 december 2009 22:45:00

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