Workers at Swazi transport firm want racist manager deported

Big Bend- Swaziland (PANA) -- Workers of Cargo Carriers -- a large commercial transport company in Swaziland -- are striking to demand the expulsion of a white Zimbabwean manager who assaulted one of their colleagues on Thursday.
The workers say Tom Mennie has been physically abusing them by beating them with fists without any provocation.
The workers, who started striking Friday after management refused to redress their grievances on Thursday, also accuse Mennie of using racist remarks against them, something they vowed to tolerate no longer.
Though Cargo Carriers managing director Dave Mecker has suspended Mennie pending negotiations with the Swaziland Transport and Allied Workers Union (STWAU), the strike continued Saturday.
Trouble started on Thursday when Mennie allegedly beat a driver with fists and kicked him all over the body without any exchange of words.
Cargo Carriers transports sugarcane to the sugar mill, and the stoppage is adversely affecting the milling process.
Meanwhile, an employee of a Chinese garment manufacturing company in Mbabane, John Ndzabandzaba, is recovering in hospital after a Chinese manager kicked and punched him all over the body.
A doctor treating the victim said it would take time for Ndzabandzaba's testicles to function properly as they were severely injured during the assault.
The Chinese manager, known only as Tung, is expected to appear in court next Friday.

14 september 2002 11:56:00

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