Women's rights group seeks gender unity in Union Govt

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- A women's rights group said Thursday the debate on a Union Government for Africa must be a commitment to unite Africa's peoples irrespective of gender by upholding respect for women's rights and equality of opportunities for both men and women.
"The debate on the Union Government is timely, but it will only be relevant in as far as it will recognise that the majority of the African people are women and girls, and that to win their confidence African leaders need to seriously take up their concerns head on," the Solidarity for African Women's Rights said.
The group, which comprises about a dozen different organisations, noted that the delay in the ratification of the AU Protocol on the Charter of African Women's Rights by member states had undermined the achievement of continental standards on women's rights.
"To date, only 21 countries have ratified the protocol, leaving 32 yet to ratify," the group lamented.
It called for the incorporation of gender equality in the values underpinning the proposals for the United States of Africa; an audit of the Directorates of the African Union Commission in terms of the incorporation of gender concerns and the prioritisation of the rights and entitlements of refugees and displaced populations, particularly women and girls.

28 june 2007 19:39:00

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