Women's Day focuses on fight against AIDS

Conakry- Guinea (PANA) -- The Guinean national Women's Day, celebrated 27 August, is focusing this year on the fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
"AIDS is more a social rather than a medical problem, the main victims of which are women and youths," declared Marie Toure, Assistant National Director for Women Affairs.
She told PANA that a mobilisation campaign by the Department of Social Affairs, recommends "discussions on AIDS within the family" as a means of fighting the pandemic.
Toure said that during the past week sensitisation sessions were organised in parts of the country for women on the spread and prevention of AIDS and its impact on the society.
According to her, the dialogue on AIDS should be "a national priority at all levels," adding: "women should be involved in the fight against AIDS by talking about the disease with their children and husbands".
The Assistant Director said a prize was being instituted for the best informed family on AIDS, as part of efforts to raise public awareness on the scourge.
The occasion was being marked this year under the theme: "Social Mobilisation and Dialogue on AIDS".

27 august 2001 14:46:00

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