Woman in racist attack fears for her son's life

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The victim of a bizarre racial attack in South Africa's Southern Cape, says she has moved her three-year-old son to a place of safety because white racists have threatened to kill him.
Two men attacked Wanda Stoffberg, a white butchery owner in George town Monday night.
The men carved the letter 'K' on her chest, believed to represent the word 'kaffir,' a racial slur in South Africa.
Stoffberg, who was in the news recently when she approached the African National Congress for help in a dispute over the site of her butchery, said the attack was racially motivated because one of the men called her a 'kaffir boetie' (a lover of blacks).
Although, she could not identify her assailants, she said the man who cut her was white.
Stoffberg did not suffer serious injury during the attack, but said she has moved her son to friends after receiving threats on telephone.
Her husband, Juan, said his family was ready to confront any racists in the area and had handed the names of suspects to police.
South African Safety and Security Minister Steve Tshwete has appointed a special team to probe the attack.
The Mayor of George, Marius Swart condemned attacks on innocent citizens for any reason whatsoever, and especially if they had racist undertones.
Stoffberg is appealing against a Council ruling, insisting that she is trading in an agricultural area, which under the Land law cannot be re-zoned for business purposes.
She says the Council acted in an "unfair, corrupt and illegal manner" when it said she could no longer trade on the premises.
Stoffberg, who has been running the Vleispaleis Butchery since 1995, employs 43 people, and most of her customers are black.

02 august 2001 12:57:00

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