White man assaults black for talking to him English

Masvingo- Zimbabwe (PANA) -- In a bizarre racist incident, a white man was convicted in court in the southern Zimbabwean town of Masvingo Wednesday of assaulting a black man for speaking to him in English.
Gerhadus Kloppers admitted he assaulted Lackson Chadziya, a security guard, for speaking to him in English when he attended to him last month.
He did not say why he objected to being spoken to in English, only saying the guard should have used his mother language, which the court did not establish Kloppers understood or spoke.
The incident is the latest of a series of racist attacks by whites on blacks in the country in recent months.
Two other white men are appearing in court for similar racist offences -- one for urinating into the mouth of his worker he found sleeping at lunchtime, and another for rubbing his private parts into the mouth of his worker.
The magistrate sentenced Kloppers to three months in prison, but wholly suspended it and ordered him to do 60 hours of community service.

24 october 2001 23:28:00

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