West Indian visual artists exhibit in Cotonou

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- Plastic artists from Martinique and Guadeloupe are holding an exhibition at the Congress Palace in Cotonou as part of the third edition of the Gospel and Roots Festival.
Through the exhibition dubbed "Diaspor'arté, the artists seek to affirm their African identity and spirituality and to expose the quality of art in the West Indies.
The three exhibitors - Ernest Breleur, Valerie John and Bruno Pedurand use paper and film to make their art objects.
Through art wares dubbed "Errance", "Le pagne", "Guess what it unsaid", "Disorientation, Patching", the artist and teacher Valerie John reveals the daily resentment of the descendants of former slaves.
Similarly, the 40 paintings titled "Reconstitution of the portraits of members of an institution" created by Ernest Breleur, a plastic artist and researcher fit into the same pattern.
A "Creole" gala night will be organised Friday night during which the ambassadors from the West Indies will stage a fashion and gastronomic show.

05 august 2004 18:50:00

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