War lessens Burundi consumers' buying power

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Consumers in Burundi have lost 24 percent of their purchasing power in the past eight years due to war, said Finance Minister Charles Nihangaza Friday.
Burundi's per capita which equalled 240 dollars in 1980, decreased to 134 dollars in 1997, with 60 percent of the rural people and 67 percent of the urban dwellers now living below the poverty line.
The minister said that the economic crisis, coupled with the war, is such that "our objective in the next 10 years is to get back to the development level we had prior to the war which broke out in 1992.
" However, this could only happen if the war ended and the country was able to get donors to give development aid, he said.

27 july 2001 22:02:00

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