War hampers vaccination cover in Burundi

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Burundi's general inspector for health, Louis Mboneko, on Wednesday lamented the regression of vaccination rate in his country due its ten-year-old civil war.
In an interview with PANA, the inspector said, "We had to reach a vaccination rate of 80 percent for most of the antigens when the war broke out.
But the conflict has prompted the fall to 50 percent, or even less for some antigens".
However, he said the situation is likely to be corrected as the government is trying hard to organise periodic vaccination campaigns.
"With support of our partners and commitment of our government, we are gradually regaining control of the situation.
The vaccination rate has been raised to 60 percent on average for most antigens, but the war is blocking our access to some regions in the country," Mboneko explained.

20 november 2002 22:05:00

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