WWF donates over 100 Impalas to Salambala reserve

Katima Mulilo- Namibia (PANA) -- World Wildlife Fund of Namibia (WWF) on Tuesday donated 97 impalas to the Salambala conservancy in Namibia's Caprivi.
WWF had originally given 109 impalas but 12 of the animals died on their journey.
The venison was distributed to villagers living near to the conservancy.
Chairperson of Salambala conservancy, George Mutwa, received the animals, which were brought from Tuli Block in the Francistown district of Botswana.
Mutwa noted that the donation of the third of its kind since the first donation of 66 impalas was received from Natal, South Africa in 1999.
Twelve others were donated to the conservancy last year.
WWF Training Facilitator Lynn Halstead promised that Salambala should look forward to receive additional 96 impalas from Botswana within the next few weeks.
Meanwhile, Mutwa welcomed the slow-down of poaching activities within the Salambala conservancy in the past few years, adding that the animals in the conservancy are also rapidly multiplying.
He said the multiplication of animals could also be attributed to the fact that animals including elephants are crossing over from the Chobe National Park in Botswana into Namibia's Salambala.
Salambala conservancy hosts a number of animal species, including zebras, impalas, kudus, elephants as well as many bird species.

04 july 2001 21:56:00

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