WHO to investigate new Ebola-related deaths in Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- A delegation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) was due in Brazzaville Friday en route to the Congolese locality of Kelle, where six patients with symptoms of the Ebola haemorrhagic fever died last week.
Sources at the Brazzaville WHO regional office said the mission, led by Dr Agata Naftali, who is in charge of disease control at the East Africa epidemiological unit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia includes experts from WHO, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Congolese Red Cross.
"Its objective is to examine the real situation on the ground and to make an evaluation for effective intervention," a spokesman explained.
According to official Congolese sources, six "suspicious" deaths were recorded last week in Kelle hospital.
The dead, from the villages of Etsami and Ongonda villages on the border with Gabon, were reported to have eaten chimpanzee meat.
Thirteen people have so far died from haemorrhagic Ebola fever, which has been raging in the neighbouring Mbomo district for the last three months.

08 february 2002 19:21:00

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