WC 2010: 'Why African countries will not do well'

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Nigerian sports analysts have said that African countries participating in the 2010 World Cup are hampered by lack of preparation and the dearth of talent, and that these will work against them at the ongoing competition.
Olaleye Dada, who anchors a sports programme in Lagos, noted that only South Africa prepared well, but even then could not do much because of the kind of players it has.
"Most of the African countries did not prepare well.
And this will not help their cause in the competition.
And when you don't prepare very well in this type of competition, you don't get anything from it," Dada said.
He added; "This might be the real problem of the African teams in this competition.
Check the African teams and you will understand what I am talking about.
Why would Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria employ coaches three months to the start of the World Cup? These are some of the reasons why the African teams may not go far in the World Cup.
" Another sports analyst, Idris Adelakun, noted that African would always lack the basic ingredients in football because they have not taken it like a business.
"It is good Africa is hosting this World Cup.
It will help us plan very well and take football very serious," he said.
Kufre Abasi Ekpe, on his part, noted that the African countries would not progress beyond the first stage if they don't change their attitude towards a lot of things.
"The unprofessional attitude of the Football Associations makes it difficult for the continent to do well when it comes to the big occasion.
This is the main reason why they may not really go far in this World Cup," Ekpe said.
No African team has ever gone beyond the quarter-final of the four-yearly football extravaganza.

17 june 2010 12:36:00

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