WB reviews food enrichment programme in Senegal

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- There is need to make extra efforts to extend Senegal's nutritional enrichment programme to the entire country "despite the satisfactory results" already obtained in other parts areas, Claudia Rockx, the in-charge of the nutrition component at the World Bank Office in Senegal, has said.
"There are many challenges to be met," Rockx, who was Thursday speaking during the halfway review of the Nutritional Enrichment Programme (PRN), pointed out.
She added "that actions aimed at perpetuating the PRN among target groups should be strengthened.
" After visiting field sites of the programme, she highlighted "the need to also improve approaches at community level.
" Biram Ndiaye, the PRN National Co-ordinator, expressed satisfaction over the results of the first phase of the programme from 2002 to 2006.
"The first phase of the PRN is planned in such a way as to reach every month 165,000 children aged below five and breast-feeding mothers," he said.
"The second phase starting in 2006 must be concentrated on rural areas where poverty is more prevalent, while taking care of the nutritional management of people living with HIV/AIDS," Ndiaye said.
The ten-year nutritional enrichment programme's two-day halfway review of its activities ends Friday.

25 février 2005 11:04:00

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