Uncontrolled armed groups take over part of eastern DR Congo

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- There have been clashes in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo between the rebel RCD movement and "uncontrolled" armed groups, the head of the UN Mission in Congo reported Thursday.
Amos Namanga Ngongi, head of MONUC, said the fighting took place in south Kivu, along Lake Tanganyika, and that RCD has admitted losing control of the area since 7 September.
Ngongi told journalists that the area was now under the control of the armed groups, comprising Mai Mai, Interahamwe and FDD fighters.
In about 25 percent of the DRC territory, he said, armed groups which were not signatories to the Lusaka peace accord do not observe the cease-fire.
"Something must be done to disarm these groups not only to get compliance with the cease-fire, but also to make the countries involved in the Congolese conflict to withdraw", Ngongi said, noting the willingness of belligerents to disengage.
He said Namibia withdrew its troops and Uganda has pull out "part of its troops".
Rwanda, Angola and Burundi were yet to follow suit.
Burundi has engaged troops in the DRC though it is not a signatory to the Lusaka accord.

27 september 2001 22:44:00

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