Uganda's efforts to fight on HIV/AIDS prevalence slacken

Kampala- Uganda (PANA) -- Efforts to contain the HIV/AIDS pandemic seem to be dampening as many countries that had emerged as success stories are recording increasing prevalence rate, Ugandan AIDS Commission officials said.
Uganda, Kenya and Senegal are countries in Africa where infection rates mainly among adults are increasing.
Based on the new survey on pandemics prevalence, Uganda's efforts seem to have slackened as it recorded 0.
4 percent increase in infection rate.
"What we are seeing in Uganda is true in neighboring Kenya and Senegal, the three countries which recorded considerable decline by 2005," Dr, Kihumuro Apuuli, Director General of the Uganda AIDS Commission, told PANA on the sidelines of a national HIV/AIDS Peadiatrics Conference going on in Kampala.
The new infections are high among adults aged 35-45years, while infection rate has declined considerable among the youth 20–25 years.
Most adults are found to have lost the fear of the disease, according to their behaviours indicating the use of multiple partners, especially among married couples.
"Rethink and re-energize HIV prevention campaigns targeting individual and community reform.
Deliberate effort (must) be made to ensure participation of and adequate consultations with population groups perceived to be at higher risk of infection to clearly understand the structural vulnerability factors," Apuuli said.
Asked about HIV/AIDS prevalence among children 0-10, Apuuli said preventive interventions of the mother to child transmission were paying off, while more pregnant women were being compelled to undertake it during anti-natal.
"Without prevention of mother to child (transmission), 25,000 children will be born with AIDS every year and of those, 30% will die before they are 12 months old and 50% before 2 years," Dr.
Apuuli observed.
But he warned: "With the reported increase in infection among child bearing married couples, infections among children are bound to increase if strong precautionary measures are not taken.

21 august 2008 18:05:00

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