Uganda's AIDS campaign impresses Mozambican deputies

Kampala- Mozambique (PANA) -- Mozambican parliament deputies visiting Uganda said they were impressed by the manner in which Ugandans have openly dealt with issues of sexuality, condom use and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their efforts to stop the disease.
They added that in Mozambique these issues were still taboo for open and public discussions.
"In Mozambique, there are people who don't like speaking openly about condoms.
And there is some reluctance to change behaviour and attitude towards HIV/AIDS", said Raquel Damiao of the ruling Frelimo party, as quoted by The New Vision newspaper.
Damiao told the paper that Mozambique was losing many lives due to HIV/AIDS, and the government's investment in education and training was going down the drain due to deaths from the epidemic.
She praised the fact that Uganda's efforts in the struggle against HIV/AIDS has become an example world-wide.
It is estimated that there are only five percent of Ugandans infected with the HIV, the virus that blooms to AIDS, compared with 25 percent in the 1980s.
"In our country AIDS is gaining alarming proportions.
We've hundreds of people that are infected - from doctors and engineers to other professionals.
The mistake we made was to postpone the taking of initiatives to face the problem head-on," said Luis Boavida of the opposition Renamo party.
Estimates say that in Mozambique there are 700 new HIV infections daily.

22 august 2001 22:43:00

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