US signs 5-year agreement to support Ethiopia's HIV/AIDS response

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Ethiopia and the US on Wednesday signed a five-ye ar cooperation agreement under which the Americans would provide support to Ethi o pia's HIV/AIDS response.
The deal would enable Ethiopia get roughly US$ 300 million annually from US Pres identâ?s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
The US government has already approved about US$ 300 million for Ethiopiaâ?s HI V response in 2011, said Donald Booth, the US Ambassador to Ethiopia, after sign i ng the agreement with Ethiopiaâ?s Health Minister, Tewodros Adhanom.
Though the five-year total amount is not known for it would be approved by US go vernment each year, US government commitments to support Ethiopiaâ?s HIV/AIDS pr ogrammes indicate that it would likely remain similar, according to Booth.
"We believe the amount provided from PEPFAR would remain stable, but the US sena te has to approve it every year," he said.
Ethiopia is one of the largest recipients of PEPFAR money, getting over US$ 1.
3 billion over the past six years from the US$ 26.
2 billion PEPFAR has provided gl o bally since its launch in 2003.
There are about 1.
2 million HIV patients in Ethiopia, with the adult prevalence rate being 2.
3 per cent.
The Horn of Africa state has recently been accused by Human Rights Watch for usi ng aid to stifle political dissent.
â?This is of course something that we take seriously.
but the assistance we pr ovide in the health sector is reaching the intended recipients and it is used properly,â? Booth assured.
Ethiopia is also the largest recipient of monies from Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
It received over US$ 2 billion through Global Fund, U S $ 640 million of which is US contribution.

27 october 2010 15:12:00

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