US provides over US$ 1.65 billion to combat HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam- Tanzania (PANA) -- Tanzania and the US have signed a five-year par tnership framework agreement in support of the East African countryâ?s response to HIV/AIDS during the period 2009-2013.
According to a PANA report, this has taken their collaboration to fight the pand emic and strengthen Tanzaniaâ?s health care system to a higher level.
The Tanzania Partnership Framework, through which the US has agreed to contribut e more than US$ 1.
65 billion to combat HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, is a result of more than a year of intensive consultations between public health and development off i cials of the two nations.
It outlines the future of the US Presidentâ?s Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS (PEPF AR) in Tanzania with the goal of reducing new HIV infections while maintaining o n going activities aimed at improving the quality of treatment and care, and mitig a ting the impact of the disease on individuals and households.
The Partnership Framework also prioritizes the need for effective Tanzanian lead ership, ownership and oversight of the national HIV/AIDS response.
Officials here said the framework reflected the priorities and approaches favour ed by the Tanzanian government.
At the signing ceremony, US Ambassador to Tanzania, Alfonso Lenhardt, underscore d the strong and growing relationship between Tanzania and the US.
"We are confident that the deepened relationship between our two governments wil l sustain us as we move forward in implementing the Partnership Framework for Ta n zaniaâ?s families and communitiesâ¦The Tanzania Partnership Framework is about working hand in hand to improve lives, support families and communities, and bui l ding strong health systems,â? he said.
Funds provided by the American people, according to Lenhardt, will be used to pr event new HIV infections, provide care and treatments for those affected by the e pidemic, especially women, children and the most vulnerable, and strengthen the c apacity of Tanzaniaâ?s health care systems and leadership to provide sustainable , quality health care services for the future.
The US Government contribution to HIV and AIDS in Tanzania has risen rapidly to US$ 357 million this year.
â?We are planning for annual contributions of US$ 337 million from 2011 to 2013 .
We are now entering a period when resources for HIV and AIDS are expected to g r ow more slowly,â? Lenhardt explained.
â?Open dialogue between our two governments will ensure that difficult decision s about the way forward are made in partnership.
We are confident that, working a s partners, we will continue to make certain that money is well spent to achieve the best possible result in the fight against AIDS,â? he added.
PEPFAR is the cornerstone of President Barack Obamaâ?s Global Health Initiative , which commits US$ 63 billon over six years to support partner countries in imp r oving and expanding access to health services, with a focus on the health and we l l-being of women, newborns and children.
The Tanzania Partnership Framework was jointly developed by a team of high-level public health and development officials from the US Mission to Tanzania and a T a nzanian high-level team led by the Prime Minister's Office.
Ambassador Lenhardt and Tanzaniaâ?s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Fina nce and Economic Affairs, Ramadhan Khijjah, signed the deal.

05 march 2010 08:11:00

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