US media pay tribute to Mandela

New York, US (PANA) - Prominent US newspapers and electronic media were awash on Friday with tributes, special reports, editorials, opinion pages and pictorial pull-outs on former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday in Johannesburg.

PANA in New York, reports that influential newspapers, The New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Post, Daily News, among others had Mandela's pictures on their front pages and headline captions.

Also, the radio and television stations carried special reports on Mandela and his life, and had programmes and talk shows to mourn his passing.

The New York City-based "Daily News" had the headline: "Farewell, Dear Friend", while the New York Times stated: "A Giant Among Men Has Passed Away" and the New York Post reported on its blackened front page "Song, tears and prayers as world mourns Mandela."

In all the reports, the American media outlets said Mandela would be remembered as "a true giant" for his contribution to the political development of "not only South Africa, but Africa and the world as a whole".

They described him as a "positive leader with the spirit of reconciliation and justice", while highlighting his life story and carried a series of write-ups and opinions under different writers that eulogised Mandela and his times.

One of the writers, stated: "Nelson Mandela was the guiding light in a world rife with darkness" and another said: "Mandela was one of history's greatest giants."

Also, Africans living in parts of the US mourned the death of Mandela with various condolence messages posted on the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and others.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor, Micheal Bloomberg announced on Friday that the city authorities would build a high school for social justice and name it "Nelson Mandela".

Bloomberg, who spoke with reporters in the city, said that the new school would be housed within the Boys

06 december 2013 16:57:03

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