US double financial aid to fight endemic diseases in Angola

Luanda- Angola (PANA) -- The United States assistance to Angola in 2010 has increased from US$ 18 million to US$ 32 million per year for the fight against malaria while for the HIV/AIDS it reached US$ 17 million from the previous US$ 7 million, the US ambassador to the country, Dan Mozena, said Wednesday.
Mozena made the disclosure to the press after a meeting with the vice president of Angola, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, during a farewell visit as his three-year mandate ends in two months.
The diplomat congratulated da Piedade for his new post and expressed delight with the progress on US-Angola relations in recent years.
The relationship was buttressed with the visit of Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs Assunçao dos Anjos, to Washington in May 2009, where he signed a series of agreements and the visit to Luanda by the US State secretary, Hillary Clinton,last August.
Mozena also discussed about issues related to cooperation on demining and removal of obstacles that are hampering bilateral trade relations with the vice president.
They also discussed the possibility of establishing in Angola, the peace corps programme on teaching of English language that has been successful in some developing countries.
To justify the programme launched by former president of US, John Kennedy 50 years ago, the diplomat said his country is a powerhouse in the region and continent, noting that the spread of English speakers will facilitate the expansion of its influence.
Mozena said he was sad to leave Angola, a developing country, as he could see after visiting 17 of its 18 provinces.
He congratulated the Angolan government on its economic diversification in the last few years, which is permitting a fast recuperation and increasing level of cooperation between the two countries.
Mozena has been in Angola since October 2007, replacing former ambassador Cynthia Efird.

05 may 2010 16:35:00

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