US: US denies instigating Eritrea-Ethiopia border clashes

Washington, DC, US (PANA) - The US has dismissed an accusation of the Government of Eritrea that Washington instigated last weekend's heavy fighting with Ethiopia along their border.

John Kirby, Spokesperson for the US Department of State, told journalists in Washington that "there’s no truth to it".

He said: "The United States, including our missions in both capitals (Addis Ababa and Ethiopia) and our mission to the UN in New York, continue to engage with both Ethiopia and Eritrea to urge restraint and to prevent escalation."

Mr Kirby said the recent United Nations commission of inquiry report on Eritrea recommended that UN member states and international organizations insist on the implementation of the 2002 decision by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission on the delimitation of the border.

"We call on Eritrea and Ethiopia to respect commitments that they made on this border dispute," he said adding: "...We’re in touch with officials on both sides, as you would expect that we would be, and certainly in consultation with the UN on this."

Mr Kirby last Tuesday said the United States was "gravely concerned" about fighting that took place on the Ethiopia-Eritrea border on 12 and 13 June and called for restraint.

He said in a press statement issued in Washington that "as both Ethiopia and Eritrea are party to the 2000 Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and there cannot be a military solution, we call for both sides to exercise restraint and engage in political dialogue."

The US urged both Ethiopia and Eritrea to cooperate in promoting stability and sustainable peace in the region.

The two countries have been blaming each other over who started Sunday's fighting at their disputed border.

A peace deal in 2000 ended the two-year war border between the two countries but it has not been fully implemented.
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