US: US condemns Mogadishu suicide bombings

Washington, DC, US (PANA) - The US has condemned Tuesday's terrorist attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, which took place near the international airport, and restated its commitment to the country's progress towards peace.

"We extend our thoughts to the families and friends of the Somali people and United Nations and AMISOM (peacekeeping mission) personnel who were killed and injured in this barbarous attack," the US State Department said in a statement on Tuesday.

"We remain committed to helping Somalia progress towards a path towards peace and prosperity and the defeat of terrorist groups, including al-Shabaab," the statement said.

Several people, including peacekeepers and civilians are reported to have been killed in suicide bombings in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISON) has also strongly condemned the terrorist attack that occurred early Tuesday near the Mogadishu International Airport (MIA).

“At around 0900hrs (local time), two Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs) detonated close to the MIA causing a number of fatalities and injuries,” the Mission said in a press release on Tuesday.

AU Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Caetano Madeira, hailed the swift response by Somali security forces and AMISOM, who prevented the vehicles from proceeding farther and thereby thwarted the attack.

Madeira commiserated with the families of innocent civilians who lost their lives and wished quick recovery to those who sustained injuries, according to the statement.

“Al-Shabaab is desperately seeking relevance and will do anything to keep in the news headlines. AMISOM will continue to work with the Somali security institutions to forestall Al-Shabaab acts of terror,” Madeira said.
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