US, Angola sign pact to fight HIV/AIDS

Luanda- Angola (PANA) -- Visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Angol an Minister of External Relations Assunأ§أ£o Afonso dos Anjos Monday signed the â?Partnership Framework between the Government of the Republic of An gola and the Government of the United States of America to Combat HIV/AIDS for 2009 to 2013.
â? The Partnership Framework provides a five-year joint strategic plan for cooperat ion among the Government of Angola, the U.
Government, and other stakeholders to support achievement of the goals of Angolaâ?s HIV National Strategic Plan fo r 2007-2010.
In doing so, it also contributes to the U.
Presidentâ?s Emergency Plan for AI DS Relief (PEPFAR) goals for prevention, care and treatment.
The Framework aims to sustain an effective response through proven strategies an d approaches, expand and improve preventive activities and service delivery whil e enhancing coverage and quality, strengthen local capacity, promote policy reform , and assist the Government of Angola in its coordination of key stakeholders.
Through the Partnership Framework, the Government of Angola and the U.
Governm ent will work together to strengthen health systems, improve monitoring and evaluation, bolster HIV prevention activities, particularly prevention of mother -to-child transmission, address TB/HIV co-infection, explore the role of male ci r cumcision in Angolaâ?s epidemic and develop and implement policies accordingly.
The pact will also enable the two governments to address stigma and discriminati on against people living with HIV/AIDS, encourage people to get tested and stay n egative, and promote the inclusion of people living with HIV/AIDS at all levels of progra mme planning and implementation The framework illustrates the high-level commitment of the Government of Angola to addressing Angolaâ?s HIV epidemic.
Recognizing the importance of achieving sustainability, the U.
Government, thr ough PEPFAR, will continue to support the health priorities laid out in Angolaâ? s HIV National Strategic Plan.

10 august 2009 12:36:00

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