UNICEF to vaccinate 3.5 million against measles in DR Congo

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- UNICEF Tuesday kicked off a major campaign to vaccinate 3.
5 million children against measles in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The six-day campaign will push to vaccinate children aged 6 months to 15 years in North Kivu and Eastern Kasai provinces, the UN children's agency said.
The agency has supplied materials valued at US$280,000 for the operation.
While many vaccine-preventable diseases kill children in the developing world, measles is the most deadly.
In 2000, 777,000 children, most of them under five, died from measles.
So far in 2002, some 222 deaths from measles have been registered out of 26,000 cases treated in Congolese health centres.
Measles is the second-biggest killer of children in the DR Congo where 54 percent of children have not been vaccinated against the disease.
During 2003, UNICEF aims to vaccinate 28.
5 million children against measles across the whole of Congo.

17 december 2002 22:27:00

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