UNICEF supports HIV screening for Gabon babies

Libreville- Gabon (PANA) -- UNICEF has offered a technical plateau for HIV/AIDS s creening among newly-born babies from AIDS-positive mothers in Gabon as well as m edicines to the Owendo peadiatrical Hospital, near Libreville, an official source here told PANA Saturday.
"Newly-born babies from AIDS-positive mothers will be screened in due time and t reated if affected or infected by HIV through the mechanisms necessary for the p e adiatrical treatment of AIDS", the UNICEF Libreville Office has said.
The UNICEF offer, according to the source, "marks a new step for the country as it enables it to detect early HIV/AIDS among newly-born babies to ensure an appr o priate anti-retroviral treatment and their survival".
It is part of he follow-up to the recommendations of the "Let'sUnite for Childre n, Let's Unite against AIDS" drive launched in December 2005.

06 december 2008 13:35:00

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