UNICEF highlights food insecurity in war-torn north

Monrovia- Liberia (PANA) -- A UN official Thursday emphasised a looming threat to food security in northern Liberia as she announced the arrival of an additional 30 metric tonnes of relief supplies in the country.
"As long as war is going on and people are on the move, there is a threat to food security," Scholastica Kimaryo, UNICEF resident representative told a news briefing in Monrovia.
She said there may not be the next harvest in northern Lofa County which has for many years been considered the "bread basket of Liberia.
" Kimaryo said the condition of internally displaced persons (IDPs) as a result of the war was critical, and that UNICEF would "continue to monitor the situation closely.
" She said, in addition to food shortages, there was the problem of lack of sanitation, access to safe drinking water and adequate shelter.
Kimaryo said the fresh relief which was flown in from Copenhagen 6 June, contains health kits, tarpaulins for temporary shelter, oral dehydration salts and high energy biscuits mainly for malnourished children.
"The needs are great.
There would have to be a comprehensive assessment of the needs of the IDPs to determine full measure of intervention," Kimaryo pointed out.
Meanwhile, the UN system in Liberia says it has developed a "consolidated appeal" to look for funding from donors and has submitted the proposal to New York, Geneva and Copenhagen headquarters.
Kimaryo said the UN system in Liberia was hoping for "additional resources without which it would be difficult to extend support to the IDPs for as long as would be required.

07 june 2001 23:07:00

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