UNICEF hails departed SA youth AIDS activist

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- UNICEF has hailed departed South African youth AIDS activist and Digital Diarist Thembi Ngubane, who died Thursday at the age of 24.
The UN agency described the late Ngubane as “a uniquely positive force and a tireless campaigner for people living with HIV.
” In 2006, Joe Richman – a producer with the Radio Diaries project of National Public Radio (NPR) in the US – encouraged Ngubane to describe her life with HIV in the form of a diary on the NPR programme, 'All Things Considered'.
“Through her diaries, Thembi shared all she had learned about coping with HIV in her daily life in an open, gentle and humourous manner, offering hope and support to thousands of people affected by HIV and AIDS,” the agency said in a statement from Cape Town.
Ngubane also spoke about living with HIV in South Africa during a visit to UNICEF headquarters in New York in 2006.
UNICEF said the agency was lucky enough to have Ngubane's support for several initiatives over the last few years.
In 2007, she travelled to India to work with UNICEF on the documentary film, ‘Love (and Babies) in the Time of AIDS’.
The film relates the struggles and hopes of young women living with the virus in different countries, oceans apart.
During the trip to India, Ngubane told a UNICEF staff member: “AIDS is not going to get me down.
There are a lot of things I want to do.
I am just going to get on with my life.
” In 2007, she presented the issue of HIV/AIDS to young people attending the Junior 8 Summit in Germany, most of whom had never met anyone living with HIV.
She spoke without a script, straight from her heart, and was captivating and unforgettable.

14 june 2009 14:53:00

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